WADA – Come Master?

“Athletes” with Russian passport competing for Neutral Country

„Question-Answer“ of 02.12.2019

Presenter: The next question is again related to the white flag.

roc white flag

Valeriy Pyakin: Any flag is an ideology expression. That’s why I’m saying: „If you keep your post-Soviet flag then your country is a souvenir state, with no sovereignty which means that its statehood is under control of some supranational center“. Well, which post-Soviet republic is not a showcase for that? The „Great“ Kazakhstan has got the Astana Format. Who cares that they appoint judges from the UK – so what! – this is just such a great state! They dug up the Caspian Sea. Ukrainians will probably be filling up the Black Sea back now.

Presenter: What about spoil tips?

Valeriy Pyakin: These spoil tips are Caucasus mountains, Crimean mountains.

Presenter: These are on the Black Sea side. What about the Caspian Sea side?…

Valeriy Pyakin: They simply scattered it around the desert. Or they piled up the Caucasus Mountains from the other side.

Presenter: The white flag means a white rag you are constantly talking about. „In particular WADA recommended to suspend Russia from participation in Olympic Games for four years (As we know the Olympic games in Tokyo should take place in 2020). The list of recommendations is incredibly humiliating for Russia. If our country or athletes representing our country accept these conditions, then this means the total absence of sovereignty of Russia. Talking heads on television are already saying that we will go anyway. The situation is quite serious, but it looks like  our country will again depend upon our athletes, who want to participate in the Olympic Games. Is it really hard to explain the current situation to these people? In particular, there is a message that RUSADA sees no point in appealing against the sanctions of WADA. Am I interpreting this news correctly? – Vitaliy is writing. – «Master, for your sake we are burying Russian sport. Please come, Master!»“

Valeriy Pyakin: On Solovyov’s TV show „Sunday Evening“ the head of RUSADA Ganus gave a speech, I recommend everyone to watch it. This official proceeds solely from the point of view that Russia does NOT and theoretically cannot have ANY SOVEREIGNTY. Any Western organization has the right to push the state of Russia as it seems fit. But Russia has no right to defend her interests, those interests simply don’t exist! I recommend everyone to watch it. He performed very substantially there, very substantially, even Solovyov was forced to react directly: „What are you doing?“ That is our state governance for you at the moment. Ganus is sincerely convinced that Russia has no right to her own state, her own sovereignty. Once the West says something, we must obey.

But the issue here is a little different. Maria Butina was recently released. Tell me please, what Russian citizen isn’t offended by the fact that Russian citizens can be just grabbed and imprisoned on a far-fetched pretext. Viktor Bout, Konstantin Yaroshenko and other our fellow citizens, the list is quite long. People around the world are seized at the request of a foreign state, but we cannot stand up for them, we simply cannot defend them, we cannot fully protect the interests of any citizen of Russia. But they demand this from us – they demand protection of the interests of athletes from us. Yes, Russia is ready to protect them and state governance is ready to protect the interests of any citizen of Russia, but the question is – how?

Why have I suddenly started to talk about athletes during a conversation about this subject? Because these things are interconnected, absolutely interlinked.

Some say: “The athlete put his whole life into ensuring his success. And he should go to the Olympics under any flag. But, first of all, what did I say when we talked about the Olympics in Korea? “Guys, what are you trying to achieve? Do you think you’ll earn thirty pieces of silver now and you will have happiness? No!“ Look at what situation we have. Politically (and sport has always been part of politics, always throughout history sport was politics, hence the Olympic Games, we have already explained this several times) we were shown that doping, not doping, everything else… And it was said: “As a punishment we will allow you to participate in the Olympic Games. You are the best slaves we have, so we let you participate in Games, and you can earn some money there, you can go.”

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