COVID: Letter of Eleven

Eleven hierophants of COVID Apocalypse

„Question-Answer“ of 29.11.2021

Presenter: First question is from Garnik Oganesyan: “Eleven friends of Big Pharma wrote a letter in which they invited to the „red zone“ of hospitals those who disagree with the applied practices of combating COVID, and those who ask the following question: „Where is the connection between combating COVID and QR-codes?“ Do you think the number 11 is random? Or Uncle Sam’s lackeys want to look like serious people? Or is this a hint from the GP? And is there a connection with the beginning of repressions against doctors who challenge mandatory vaccination?“

Covid-19 vaccine

Valeriy Pyakin: First, we will answer the question: do they try to look like or a hint from the GP. The person who wrote this letter, who made up this letter, he is absolutely unfit for PR. He does not know at all how the symbolic notification from the side of the Global Predictor is carried out, how 11, 22 and so on are formed. He thinks, „Eleven signatures, that’s all.“ But by doing this he showed that globalists are not behind it for sure. They are not even close to it. He just does not know how this is done, and he wrote the letter as he wrote it.

As for the text of the letter itself, it is simply a masterpiece of incompetence in terms of working with information. The person does not understand at all how to work with information in order to somehow show what is necessary. He thinks: “Here we will squeeze, here we will prohibit speaking, here we will giggle, giggle, and everything will work out”. No, it won’t work. Every time when vaccinators fascize the state system of Russia, that is, when they carry out fascist measures under the disguise of fighting covid, every time you think: „Well, the bottom has been reached, there is now nowhere to go further.“ But every time they knock from below. And the letter of these 11 people is just the fact when they knocked from below. Complete unsuitability. But the main thing that this situation shows is that if these 11 doctors had personal human decency before, now they don’t. Their personal human decency simply does not exist, in other words at all.

As for their professional abilities – I am sorry, Dr. Mengele, who conducted experiments on people in the concentration camp, also had quite professional skills and abilities. It might seem to be a tough comparison. Well, excuse me, it wasn’t me who decided to do it, they did.

And now let’s begin to fully analyze what’s what. To understand the essence of the conversation, we need to read the text of the letter. It’s short, but we need to. The authors of the letter (they signed it, which means they are the authors and not the one who put it together) write, addressing Kurginyan and other people: “We know your position on the vaccination of Russian citizens against COVID-19. We’re all a little busy right now, and you can probably guess why.“ This phrase alone – „and you probably guess why“ – is enough to understand that the person who wrote it, he is absolutely unfit for this profession, just absolutely. But we note that they know their (Kurginyan’s and others to whom this letter was addressed) views about vaccination.

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4 Gedanken zu “COVID: Letter of Eleven

  1. Drusius

    Die 11 kommt meistens vom GP in Daten. Das liegt daran, daß 1+1 nach Adam Riese 2 ist und die 2 bedeutet okkult die Dualität, könnte man das interpretieren, wenn man diesen Regeln folgt.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Jean-Marie.B

    was macht ihr ?! oder die Maschine ?!
    vor ein paar Tagen einen Text schicken , nur in Englisch ,
    und heute einen englischen Text mit Thema 11 gegen oder für Impfung ,
    wo die „Fortsetzung“ im PDF eine Erklärung vom Pyakin über Kasachstan
    beinhaltet ?!?!?!

    Gefällt mir

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