Why does pessimism arise?

Whether pessimism should arise after watching the “Questions-Answers” videos

„Question-Answer“ from 25.04.2022

Why does pessimism arise

Presenter: Hello Valeriy Viktorovich!

Valeriy Pyakin: Hello!

Presenter: Good evening, dear viewers, listeners and guests in the studio! Today is April 25, 2022. The main question is the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. But before we get to this question, I’ll ask the question from Viktor regarding reaction to your answers. Viktor writes: You’re constantly saying that vlasovites’s generals are acting against Putin’s and Lavrov’s orders. This leaves many people I know who watch your broadcasts in an anxious mood.  Well, are Putin and Shoigu doing anything to neutralise these generals? But from broadcast to broadcast we hear about the sabotage of decrees and orders by Putin, Shoigu and Lavrov.  I understand, it’s a difficult situation, a confrontation. But please say anything encouraging. Or is the work of clearing out the American lackeys underway, but this is done in secret from the media? Valeriy Viktorovich, please don’t leave our concerns unaddressed.

Valeriy Pyakin: As strange as it may seem, I only say reassuring things in all the videos of the “Question and Answer”. [They will say]: „Well, where is it? Pure pessimism – this is bad, that’s bad. What’s the reassuring aspect of it?“ In governance it is a fundamentally important priority to keep track of negative activities, of what goes wrong in the system, in the governance process. If they are identified correctly, then the response of the governing system to them will also be correct. If they are identified incorrectly, the system’s response will not be correct. Accordingly, when something is announced or the forecast is made…

It should be understood that in a governance, if there is a forecast given, it is given in a framework and by pointing out the direction. Something more or less guaranteed can only be said for yourself when YOU are conducting the governance. When the other entity performs governance, then we can only talk about orientation in the initial period, because as soon as the adversary makes a move, as soon as the environment has a reactionary impact on the system, any plan has to be changed immediately. This happens all the time. So if you predict ’so, so and so‘ in perspective, it won’t work out at all. Especially when someone other than you conducts governance. You understand for yourself that you will pursue a certain line, the resource potential of the system is so-and-so, the pressure of the environment is so-and-so, something may equalise somewhere, something may have to be maneuvered about, and so on.

What is happening in this situation? In this situation, we need to understand realistically what is going on. So that we don’t have some kind of euphoria that everything is going well and then when faced with reality a breakdown happens. Anything that is announced in the “Question and Answer” is either to reinforce some process, or to level out the process so that the public response is such that the process has the least effect, so that the effectiveness of the process is minimised.

In this situation don’t we know that our “elite” are pure American lackeys? We do! Don’t we know that they are oriented westward, that this “elite” has been reproducing itself, constantly absorbing new cadres. Remember, for example, the „Gelandewagen“ rides by FSB Academy graduates. Did they want to serve their motherland if they organised these rides? They explicitly said that they aren’t interested in Russia, they’re serving some external government. And  it is like that everywhere.

When a country is at a turning point, the first thing is to trace anything that prevents the country from moving in a positive direction, towards development, towards gaining sovereignty. Then the response from the public will be such that these processes will not be able to materialise. Had there not been such a reaction of the public at large to that Istanbul treaty, the betrayal would already have taken place. But we can actually see how it’s all being carried out. We also see them surrendering the interests of the country, how Putin says one thing and the „elite“ hush it up and give it away, how Putin says another thing and the „elite“ again counteract to it. So we see complete sabotage. 

The people’s task is to understand that this sabotage is taking place. So that the population’s reaction is such that they understand that they can only do this sabotage in secret, and that they will not be able to implement it in full until they make the state coup, because the population will not support them. And they will not be able to quietly attain the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Vlasovites flag, turning Russia into a colony, into a resource appendage of the West (what the entire Russian „elite“ is striving for now) – people are  watching it too  closely and support whoever works for the country’s sovereignty. So they see that the whole country is backing up Putin.

So every time we track these negative elements in governance, we announce: „We see your treacherous intrigues, the people are ready for them. And do not expect any mercy if you betray Russia“. This is what it’s all about.

And our situation is, in general, quite serious. We have not gotten our backs in proper order. It is only now that we are forced to fight for the more comprehensive sovereignty of our country. It’s only now that we are converting payment to roubles, and look at how it is going. And why is this happening? Because of the sabotage of our „elite“.

There is a simple thing to understand here: The West will not be able to fight against Russia if it does not get resources from Russia. This is the purpose of our exporting gas and oil for free, filling their oil and gas reservoirs, for them to receive other resources from us, and then charge us for it. The West is at war against us enormously, on all fronts. Now two neutral countries, Sweden and Finland, are about to be admitted to NATO. What is this about? Whether or not they will accept Sweden and Finland into NATO is not the point. In December we demanded guarantees of our security from the West, and the West responded: „You want guarantees for your security? You won’t have one at all! You even had these countries neutral and now they will be in NATO”. But in doing this, they are backing Russia into a full-blown corner. They think they can cope with us. They think that Russia will not use its last nuclear argument.

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Ein Gedanke zu “Why does pessimism arise?

  1. Drusius

    Was wir haben ist eine Form der Herrschaft über die Menschen, die man auch in der negativen Form „artgerechte Menschenhaltung“ nennen könnte. Die Depression resultiert aus den begrenzten Möglichkeiten der Entwicklung, so scheint es.

    Warum schnappt ihr euch nicht Flagge, die ihr wollt? Wer verordnet denn den bunten Flatterlappen einer abgelaufenen Geschichte?

    Gefällt mir

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