The Freedom Convoy

Canadian truckers protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates

„Question-Answer“ of 14.02.2022

Moderator: Well, we have one more question. „Valery Viktorovich, assessing one of the ongoing processes in Canada, how intelligently the so-called “Freedom Convoy” is going and how ignorant Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada is? When you look at it all, you come to the conclusion that there is some kind of global governance going on here.

Freedom convoy protest in Canada

Valeriy Pyakin: Yes!

Moderator:  Talking about global governance: Is Covid a naturally arised issue (as many researchers say) or is it something more?

Valeriy Pyakin: Covid, as such, is a governing manoeuvre. Yes, this disease exists. But it is not that dangerous to put the whole world upside down. But under the pretext of Covid, it becomes possible to solve very serious problems of reformatting the whole world, including the reform of the economy and the reform of the social governance of the states from the supranational level. On top of that, Covid makes it much easier to solve clannish-corporate conflicts. Look at this: there was a problem in Iran at the top state management. But suddenly, Covid came and all troublemakers went six feet under. Veeery peacefully. It’s pandemic, after all.

Let’s sum up the Covid. The whole world was shaken up. The first stage, the testing of all social systems, is over. Now, a certain correction is taking place. In fact, this „Freedom Convoy“ in Canada emerged with a little trifle in relation to the Western world. The answer to the question „How intelligently that was done?“, depends on from what level of governance you are assessing it: from the higher level of actual governance it was done intelligently. From the lower level of uninitiated participants – such us Trudeau or the truckers, there is no governance at all.

To get at the very least into this subject, take a look at an American movie called „Convoy“ from 1978. It has a strong point – it is very hard to organise truckers to do anything. Well, because they are taking care of their business and they are very independent. Just watch this film and many things will become clear about “Freedom Convoy”.Suddenly, all of this happened in Canada. Wait a minute, it wasn’t just in Canada. At the same time as in Canada, the convoy organising committees were announced all over Europe.

The Convoy organising committees popped up all over the countries at once. The committees appeared as if by themselves. What did the truckers do? They moved into the cities, parked on the streets, and that was it. Trucking had come to a standstill, logistical problems were mounting. How would, for example, an ambulance or a fire truck get through? There was a Soviet film in 1925, silent film „Battleship Potemkin“ that tells us a story about a strike.  What was the first day of the strike like? The euphoria, at first. Days go by. After a while, strikers ran out of money, they couldn’t afford to buy food, problems piled up. But here in Canada there won’t even be a place to buy food.

In other words, this strike is pointless. It will die out by itself. Life goes on, the pressure of reality will force strikers to leave. Trudeau is expecting exactly that.

But what is really happening? The bridge between the United States and Canada is blocked, the whole freight traffic is halted. What is the backdrop to all this? The united West and the United States are getting ready to unleash a full-scale war in Europe. Small detail: „The Freedom Convoys“ are  announced all over the world, including the United States. There are “Freedom Convoys“ in France, in the Netherlands, in Austria and other countries. I named the countries where there had already been significant protests. No country in the world can threaten another country (not to mention a war) when this country itself is in economic collapse.

70% of cargo transportation in the United States is done by trucks.

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Ein Gedanke zu “The Freedom Convoy

  1. Drusius

    Für und wider wird immer genutzt, um eine Ideologie in die Massen zu bringen und Aufmerksamkeit zu binden und eine Realität, die nicht so existiert, den Menschen zu verkaufen. Die Medien sind seit langem dazu da, daß die Menschen den Kontakt zur Realität verlieren.
    Interessant wäre es, wenn die Trucker einmal sagen würden, was sie unter Freiheit (Schilder auf den LKWs) verstehen wollen.


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