Does Russia need to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk Republics? 

Prospects for the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics

„Question-Answer“ from 31.01.2022

Donetsk and Lugansk Republics

Presenter: „Eleven Duma representatives from the Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) (Duma is the lower house of the Russian parliament) proposed to address President Vladimir Putin formally with the request to recognize the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donbass – those of Lugansk and Donetsk. Could these initiatives by the CPRF be considered as treason and undermining the Minsk Agreements? Or is this something else?

Valeriy Pyakin: This is exactly treason and undermining of the Minsk Agreements (MA). Now even for a commoner, the Minsk agreements’ role became obvious. Who fears the Minsk agreements like the plague? – The Kiev gang and the United States. Eight years are ample time to see that for anyone! They understand that if the Minsk Agreements are implemented, there will be no fascist Bandera followers’ rule in the Ukraine. It was clear in 2015, the year of signing MA. It is clear now, in 2022. But it was enough to get a go-ahead from Washington for all „patriots“ to start shouting: „Minsk agreements are no good! Putin is a traitor!“ Eight years passed by, but nothing has changed in the “patriots” routine.       

Russia is solving the most difficult political problems thanks to the Minsk Agreements. Despite internal treachery in the top Russian „elite“, the MA are still pushing Russia towards gaining its sovereignty, and expanding the Russian world all over the globe. The MA is an unbeatable weapon. All enemies are striving to take away this weapon by different means. The CPRF is one of such tool, which is originally designed to take orders directly from the United States. 

To understand how the US used this tool, we can flash back and work our way up from the nationality policy of the Soviets. A lot of fair and unfair things have been said about it. But one aspect has been missing: Russia was on the brink of a collapse. As for the „self-determination of nations“, this is Great Britain’s tool, which it used to destroy its enemies. Accordingly, Russia had largely been destroyed during the so-to-speak “Colour” February Revolution of 1917 inspired by Britain, before the October Socialist Revolution of 1917 took place.

But the treacherous Provisional Government sprouted up by the February Revolution, did not appear out of the blue. I’d like to remind you that it is Alexander I, a passionate Anglophile, who started to work out the method of destruction of Russia. He granted the statehood status to Finland, which had never had that status before. Finland had no nation-building experience of its own at all. Even today Swedish is the state language in Finland, because five percent of the Swedish population are more represented in the state governance than 95% of the Finns. Finland was made the testing ground for the future destruction of the Russian Empire.  Poland was the second nail to the casket of Imperial Russia.

 Under the Bolsheviks, the nationalities problem was largely bottled up. The Soviet Union was united due to the fact that even though all Republics within Russia had their own national communist parties, Russia itself didn’t have its national party – the Communist party was united and included those of all republics. The communist parties of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other republics were elements of this large, united party of Russia. And Russia had a casting vote in all decisions. Thus, to destroy Russia it was necessary to establish an actual separate Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). That plan for the country’s destruction was executed and all governance ties between the republics were severed and once a single state fell apart. Creation of CPRF led to the USSR’s collapse. As simple as that.

 Gennady Zyuganov was quite aware of that situation, as were many others. That is why, electing the leader of the newly emerging Communist Party of Russia, they voted against candidate to the head of the RF Party Viktor Alekseevich Yefimov whose platform allowed the preservation of the Soviet Union. Zyuganov became the leader of it despite his purposeless program.  He is a passionate assistant to oligarchs’ endeavour to destroy the country. Each time, when oligarchs need to pass an anti-people’s law, the CPRF uses their old trick: they manifest their disagreement with an item on the agenda, which they want to block…by leaving a State Duma’s session. Instead of using the legal ground and performing their professional duties they simply leave their post. They skip debate on the item of disaccord and neglect their professional duty to vote – they chose to obstinate from this. 

Communist Rashkin was engaged in bringing people to the street each time when the United States needed a crowd to act out protesters, thus creating image support for Western mass-media’s anti-Russia propaganda. During Bolotnaya protests held on behalf of the so-called „fur coats”, who did not want to freeze in the streets, Rushkin shepherded “lemmings” protesters gathered under the banners of the Communist Party there. CP functionaries did not care about being criticised for their participation in the protests under the slogans of the rich – after all for them it was important to stand against Putin. Their irrational logic, like „The United States aims to destroy Russia and remove Putin, that is why we should get united with the United States to remove Putin, and then we fight the United States,“- sufficed the protesters.     Rashkin got into trouble, so the USA looked for someone else to go the job towards depriving Russia of the Minsk Agreements as an instrument for carrying out its supranational global policy. The US picked Zyuganov, called him out and said „The scenario is as follows. Our snipers will shoot and kill people; our Ukrainian artillerymen will kill people in Donbass. Then you come out crying: „Poor innocent people! We’re obliged to protect them! We must recognize the Luhansk and Donetsk republics.“ Thus Russia will have to denounce the Minsk Agreements and become what? – exactly! a party of the conflict – that is just what all anti-Russian forces have been preaching all this time. 

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4 Gedanken zu “Does Russia need to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk Republics? 

  1. Drusius

    Eigentlich sehen wir den Anfang auf dem Weg zur Stand von 1914 auf einem höheren Niveau, wenn man glauben will, was man hören kann.


  2. Drusius

    Vielleicht sollte man einmal schauen, wer die Vertreter Rußlands in der Ur-Loge „HathorPentalpha“ sind, die den „Clash of Civilizations“ anstreben. Auch dort könnte es Leute geben, die die Zerstörungs-, Chaos-Philosophie langsam suspekt vorkommt. Die wollen doch schließlich auch „Ordo ab Chao“ organisieren. Die Zerstörung der gegenwärtigen Strukturen ist zwar das Ziel, aber vermutlich gibt es unterschiedliche Meinungen, wie tief zerstört werden soll und wie die neue Struktur aussehen soll. Die nächste Stufe nach der Einschränkung der Lieferketten ist die Einschränkung der Energieversorgung und dann eine Währungsreform, soweit ich mich and die geplante Stufe 3 erinnern kann, unter Ruhigstellung der Bevölkerung durch eine ab dem 20. Mai authorisierte Plandemie, dieses Mal zur allgemeinen Erheiterung und Abwechselung aus Afrika.
    Die Biowaffenlabore lassen grüßen. Normalerweise verläuft diese Krankheit ganz leicht, wie medizinische Spezialisten sagen. Wenn die Krankheit allerdings waffenfähig gemacht wurde und wir sehen dutzende Biowaffenlabore allein in Rußland, dann dürfte die Beschäftigungstherapie bei vielen, aber immer weniger Menschen funktionieren.


  3. Farbrevolutionsforscher vom Dienst

    Dazu passt sehr gut ein Ausschnitt des Interviews von CBS/PBS mit dem Präsidenten Russlands vom 29.09.2015 unter:
    Das ganze Transkript dazu findet man hier nachstehend: Sehr aufschlussreich speziell die Passage zum Abkommen von Minsk bzw. was daraus Vladimir Putin im Kern zum Donbass zusammenfasst, doch von Kiew vorsätzlich unterminiert wurde:

    Gefällt 1 Person

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