Alina Lipp Interview – Part 1

Alina Lipp interview with Valeriy Pyakin – Part 1

Alina Lipp: I’ll begin immediately with a question that everyone, especially in Donetsk, is interested in. “We are under a lot of shelling here right now. Last night it was very strong. A few days ago there was very strong shelling as well, many children were killed. But the Russians started a special operation to protect us here in Donbass. However Putin said a few days ago: „We haven’t started yet. What we’ve done so far has not been enough.” Why aren’t they acting faster to protect Donbass? Would you comment on that?”


Alina Lipp Valeriy Pyakin interview

Valeriy Pyakin: Yes, this is certainly the way it happens. The fact is that what is happening now in Ukraine is a war that the collective West is waging against Russia on the territory of Ukraine (which is a part of Russia) by proxy. A terrorist regime was created in Ukraine for this special purpose.

Now there is not a single Western politician left who has not in one way or another said that the war in Ukraine is a war of the West against Russia. And that is why the participation of the West in sanctions means participation in a war against Russia. But that demonstrates their approach to what happens [in Ukraine], not ours.

And when Putin said that „we haven’t started a big war yet„, he was absolutely right, because there are local hostilities going on right now. According to the West’s plan, these military actions should be waged like this: a narrow strip of Ukrainian land in Donbass, where they have set up fortifications, that’s where we are supposed to be breaking through the defenses head-on, and we have to be held. It implies very big bloodshed, enormous  losses and destruction. And accordingly we understood the trap into which we were being drawn.

As Putin said, „If you understand that a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.“ And we hit first and we hit with a very limited number of troops. We now have no more than 18% of the army involved in a special operation. This is not a war, this is a special operation. This is a counter-terrorist military operation, about the same one as we had in Chechnya when the international terrorism made a nest there. But as you see, now the Chechens are fighting as part of the Russian army, because the Chechens themselves sorted out what they had on their territory, and in order not to let it happen again, they are now fighting against it in Ukraine.

The task of the West is to drag us into it fully by all means, so that we don’t clean out the Bandera nursery, don’t clean out this centuries-old, even thousand-year-old threat to Russia, which they… The project “Ukraine” began thousand years ago, around the same time that the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation was formed; these are two parallel projects. Well, there is a lot to tell there.

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Ein Gedanke zu “Alina Lipp Interview – Part 1

  1. Roberto

    Ich fand diese Fragen und Antworten sehr informativ darüber, was in der Welt vor sich geht, wenn es um Russland und den Westen geht.

    Alina, du hast mir mit diesen Fragen die Augen geöffnet!

    Sie haben keine Ahnung, wie Ihre Informationen, die Sie auf Telegramm stellen, bereits die Menschen hier in Südafrika beeinflusst haben, da wir diese Informationen mit Menschen „um“ uns herum teilen!

    Meine Schwester lebt in Deutschland und teilt Ihre Informationen mit Menschen, mit denen sie zusammenarbeitet. Sie können also stolz auf das sein, was Sie bereits erreicht haben!

    Denken Sie daran, dass ein kleiner Kieselstein, den Sie in den „Teich“ werfen, Ringe auf der Wasseroberfläche bildet, die alle Seiten des „Teiches“ erreichen.

    Bitte machen Sie weiter mit der guten Arbeit, die Sie leisten!

    Liebe Grüße und Grüße aus Südafrika.



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