Alina Lipp Interview – Part 2

Putin and Deep State

Interview with Alina Lipp (Part 2/8) from July 11, 2022

Alina Lipp: There are rumours in the West that allegedly Putin is even part of this whole thing, that there are arrangements there, that the Russian state is actually a company that is registered in London and so on, and in fact the Big Game is going on, and Putin is actually, unfortunately, one of these people, of the „elites“. What can you say about it?

Talking about Russia being a kind of commercial structure is done precisely to keep people unfamiliar with the management of social supersystems (which include the state) in check, to say "business as usual" and the like.

Valeriy Pyakin: This is a pure scam as it is. The state is never registered anywhere, it’s as simple as that. The state is not a commercial entity, or a production enterprise. The state either exists or it does not exist. And the destruction of the state by the governing of it from the outside is not performed through the registration of some entity in a legal company. The outer governing works on the real ability to govern it all, or to “chop off” a piece of the state etc.

 Publicly referring to Russia as a commercial enterprise is aimed at making people – who do not realize how complex social supersystems (to which the state belongs) are governed – lose their courage and say, „It’s a part of their agreement, nothing can be done“. That’s exactly the purpose. But reality has nothing to do with this concept. No state is ever registered anywhere by the act of incorporation. It presents itself to the world by the mere fact of its coming into existence.

 The state is a system of a nation’s survival and its development. Any state can be either nation-state – representing one nation, or multinational – which usually takes the form of empire, where different cultures and segments of different governing structures of statehood are united within a single state. For example, Russia has always been developing as a multinational state, where each nation had its own position for the development of its own culture, so that its culture lasted on and ever, and everyone could make his personal career of his choice in the state, working for its national interests, for the sake of all peoples and cultures living in Russia. This principle appeals to the whole world.

 And Africa also sees that Russia enters it in its special way. For example, remember how France entered CAR, how the French behaved there, and compare it to the entering of „orchestra“ (Wagnerians) – everything is different. How the Soviet Union behaved in Africa and how the West has always behaved there? It’s the Russian approach that Africa wants. Because Africa remembers two tragedies: at first its colonization, and then – decolonization. Colonization was a tragedy, because it siphoned out resources, and practically wiped out peoples from the continent. A huge number of people were taken away from Africa as slaves – whole tribes and entire nations have disappeared. And as soon as the Africans managed to more or less adapt to the new conditions of life and establish a kind of basement of colonial existence (which calmed the tribal hostility down and gave Africans some understanding of the new technological world), this core was ripped out. As a result, the country came back to the initial mode of solving problems, so the inter-tribal struggle arose on a new technological level. But fighting with clubs and spears is one thing and fighting with guns and cannons is another. New military technologies are disastrous for Africa. How to restrain it… where the culture of peoples remains the same – pre-colonial. And Africa sees one way out of this: as Russia has experience of reconciliation of national cultures and preventing mutual destruction, Africa looks in the direction of Russia.

 Alina Lipp: So, Putin is really resisting this shadow state now? Does he oppose them?

 Valeriy Pyakin: No. It is a little bit different now. The fact is that the American country „elite“ has been used as a tool for conducting the policy of Global Predictor all over the world. But they were not initiated into global politics, they were not taught how to carry out global politics; they have no idea about conceptual power, or governance of the complex social super-systems. They think at the level of governance of states. But even in the state, there are clan groups, there are the orders of the head of the state which are sabotaged by the clan groups in opposition – we can observe it in the United States and throughout the world. They do not understand. And they think…

 Actually, they have been living by the principle of „Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun““ all this time. So, they set up 800 American military bases around the world. At their best times they had 23 carrier strike groups (now their fleet situation is not clear at all), consisting of eleven aircraft carriers with a full-length flight deck plus twelve aviation cruisers (sufficient for some banana republic).

 Back to your question. After the Soviet Union emerged (we have already talked about this), it became clear that the combined resources of the West were not enough to compete with the Soviet Union, but could give an opportunity to prolong this confrontation. So, in order to prolong the confrontation, the West was united under the wing of the Americans. And it is from here – from the post-war time – that the Americans began to rule human resource policy in Europe.

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4 Gedanken zu “Alina Lipp Interview – Part 2

  1. Roberto

    Ich fand diese Fragen und Antworten sehr informativ darüber, was in der Welt vor sich geht, wenn es um Russland und den Westen geht.

    Alina, du hast mir mit diesen Fragen die Augen geöffnet!

    Sie haben keine Ahnung, wie Ihre Informationen, die Sie auf Telegramm stellen, bereits die Menschen hier in Südafrika beeinflusst haben, da wir diese Informationen mit Menschen „um“ uns herum teilen!

    Meine Schwester lebt in Deutschland und teilt Ihre Informationen mit Menschen, mit denen sie zusammenarbeitet. Sie können also stolz auf das sein, was Sie bereits erreicht haben!

    Denken Sie daran, dass ein kleiner Kieselstein, den Sie in den „Teich“ werfen, Ringe auf der Wasseroberfläche bildet, die alle Seiten des „Teiches“ erreichen.

    Bitte machen Sie weiter mit der guten Arbeit, die Sie leisten!

    Liebe Grüße und Grüße aus Südafrika.



  2. Nuckelmade

    Mir fällt noch etwas ein: Jacques Bergier, ursprünglich aus Odessa, sagte in einem Buch, dass Russland und USA stets zusammenarbeiten würden, egal, was dagagen gesagt und wie falsch das scheinen würde. Alle seine Voraussagen für die Zukunft seien eingetroffen. Direkt danach las ich eine Nachricht, dass Russland und USA gemeinsame Weltraumtoiletten für die ISS entwickeln. Jetzt ist die ISS passé. Traurig für den Menschen, gut für die Natur! Da das aber alles komplett widersprüchlich ist, lese ich keine Nachrichten mehr. Besser ist, Lösungen zu suchen.


  3. Nuckelmade

    Ich hoffe, mein Wunsch ist nicht naiv:
    Warum kann man nicht eine weltweite Konferenz abhalten, wo 1. ALLE Länder, Völker, Menschen ihre Wünsche, Vorstellungen einbringen. 2. wird das dann vorgelesen, so daß alle Länder, Völker, Menschen einander kennenlernen und einander verstehen und 3. findet man einen gemeinsamen Nenner (angewandte Mathematik statt ödes Schachmatt), so daß wir weltweit Frieden haben, weil alle ZUSAMMEN im Boot sitzen. Warum schaffen wir das nicht? Sind wir nicht EINE Menschheit?
    Es gibt einen herrlichen Spruch des deutschen Physikers Hans-Peter Dürr: «Die Völker sollen einander Geschichten erzählen!» Dürr hat sogar einen Aufsatz darüber geschrieben (habe ihn leider nicht mehr, aber es war mit das Beste, was mir je untergekommen ist – neben den russischen Märchen).
    Aber ich vermute, der Grund, warum wir keine solche Konferenz machen, ist sehr einfach: Wir wissen nicht, dass die Erde, die Sonne, alle Himmelskörper lebendig sind, Lebewesen! Oder so ausgedrückt: Linke und rechte Großhirnhälfte wirken getrennt statt zusammen.
    Können wir nicht so eine Konferenz starten?


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