Alina Lipp Interview – Part 5

Mass protests work against people.

Alina Lipp: People in the West are not at all satisfied with what their governments are doing, how they are behaving. The Germans are dissatisfied because they won’t be able to take a shower with hot water, and so on. And if they continue down this path, then… Well, seriously there will be many problems: there will be unrest, demonstrations and so on. How do you see the coming months in Germany playing out? What are your predictions?

Alina Lipp Interview with Valeriy Pyakin (Part 5/8) from July 11, 2022

Alina Lipp Interview - Part 5
Mass protests work against people. The people do not acquire the knowledge of governance, and instead they would display their displeasure by mass protests out in the streets in demonstrations.

Valeriy Viktorovich Pyakin: You see, all of this unrest, demonstrations, people’s outrage all are part of the plan of the manipulators. The thing is, Russia went through the same kind of situation. When the Soviet Union collapsed, why did it happen? It happened because the people did not have their own government structures. Then, when it became known that all government structures were betrayed and became part of the colonial control over Russia, a shadow economy and shadow control began to emerge, the people began to gain knowledge on how to govern, and a lot of time was necessary for this.

 When we are asked: “what have you been able to do in the last 25 years (now 30 years) during the existence of the Conception of public safety?” We answer: “We prepared a segment of people who are knowledge carriers of governance of complex social systems, just so people are aware.” And on this foundation of knowledge on how complex social systems are governed, people build governance systems. They understand that going to the streets to protest doesn’t solve anything, it’s a release valve so the boiler doesn’t explode, so the pressure may decrease.

I’ll provide a specific example. In France they decided to abolish the terms “mom” and “dad”. France had the strongest demonstration, a million people gathered around the parliament, which contained 400 legislatures, and they said to the legislators: “No. We want there to be the terms ‘mom’ and ‘dad’”. But they still decided to change the terms to “parent 1” and “parent 2”. The government prevailed. Why? The people didn’t have their own way to influence the government.

We are being fooled by ingenious simplicity. We are told that labour is divided into physical and mental. That’s a lie. Does a writer not perform labour over his work, when he produces his labour of intelligence – a book? He does perform labour. His product is the book. Does a doctor perform labour when he heals our bodies? Yes. In fact, labour is divided into managerial and productive. The productive labour includes practically everything: teachers (their product is the students), doctors (their product is the healed body), mason workers (build houses) and so on.  Managerial labour is about the assembly mechanism of labour. And we live to a large degree not according to how we work, but how we are governed. So you may work extremely hard, you may die on the job from overwork, but if you are governed so that you shall die, then you will die, and if you are governed so that you shall live in poverty, then you will live in poverty.

This is the reason why the goal of all manipulators is that the people do not acquire the knowledge of governance, and instead they would display their displeasure by mass protests out in the streets in demonstrations. What will this lead to? Nothing. But the person has spent his potential. You must understand, in order to participate in a demonstration, he has spent his personal resources. And then the situation arises where, in order to continue to carry on living, he must work harder, not participate in activities he would otherwise want to – he has to limit himself. In other words, by participating in the demonstrations he has left behind any impact he could have had on governance. And the governance continues to carry on as it did before, and the same people are appointed as before… They ask themselves: “Who are these people?” And here’s a question: how is the personnel of the members of the governing elite formed? Why them? When people begin to understand these questions, they begin to influence deep processes. And deep processes elevate their leaders to the top.

What has happened in Russia? When it became widely known that our ruling class betrayed the country, the people began to build their own governing system. It didn’t get as far as having a structure. But the process manifested itself in that it brought Putin to the top, the system brought about amendments to the constitution, the system brought about a rebirth of Russia itself. And now the Military Operation is ongoing, and Putin has general support.

And something similar should be happening in Germany. It is important to understand that the time spent on demonstrations is wasted time and resources. You must understand how complex social supersystems are governed, and when getting to the bottom of that, you must find that place, your specific role, where you can influence the process.

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  1. Gabe Swan

    I think in a period where people are atomized or remain in echo chambers that mass protest plays a vital role in community forming and accelerated desemination and integration of important information.

    It isn’t an either or. People need a forum to start the process of reclaiming governance.


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