Alina Lipp Interview – Part 6

How can YOU save Germany?

Alina Lipp: Here is my main question to you. I have a Russian father and a German mother. And I’m in a lot of pain from this conflict right now, because it’s like my countries are at war. So I can’t act otherwise than to be right here in Donbass and continue my activities. I can’t do it any other way, it comes from my soul. It hurts me to see that in Germany they don’t cover what’s going on here. And I would be interested to know your opinion on what I personally need to do in the future, how to proceed to help improve this situation, to improve relations between my countries? Maybe you will have some recommendations?

Alina Lipp Interview with Valeriy Pyakin (Part 6/8) from July 11, 2022

Alina Lipp Interview - Part 6

Valeriy Pyakin: If the question is about the countries, then everything is simple here – you are already doing it. By working to preserve German statehood and German cultural identity, you are saving your country. Because, as you see, russophobia never leads to anything good. They have already made us clash twice in very large wars. Now there will be no collision as before because the military potential of Russia is not comparable with the military potential of Germany.

And here the situation is as follows. Whereas it is very important for Russia to preserve the German cultural identity, the task of the West, the task of global governance is to kill the spirit of Schiller and the German state identity. Hence all the LGBT propaganda, hence the governance of these ridiculous people like Berbock and Scholz. That is, they have one task which is on the last ditch effort,  using russophobia, to finish off the German people and make the German state cease to exist.

Spreading the knowledge of governance is precisely   people’s concern… Here they showed a dialogue between a baker and Scholz. You see, the baker thinks in terms of the circumstances of life, but he has no governing knowledge. But if these bakers have this knowledge, and start to unite with one another, they will save Germany by saving themselves. It is necessary to remove those henchmen from across the ocean. But this can only be done by building one’s own system, based on their own German cultural identity. Germany has this catalyst, a very serious cultural identity that has been preserved in the east of Germany thanks to the Soviet Union and East Germany, or GDR. There is something to stand on. They just need to bring the knowledge of governance.

When we began our work, we said at the outset: the measure of the bloodiness of the coming events will depend on the measure of mastering by all the sectors of society of the knowledge that we bring to people – the knowledge of governing complex social supersystems, the knowledge of governing society. And we have mastered this concept. But no one will master it instead of Germany, it must do it itself. The higher the understanding of the processes of governing society, the more people understand it, the less likely it is that Germany will be destroyed. And if the people understand this sufficiently, Germany will get off this retarded path and regain its statehood.

Alina Lipp: What kind of information should be conveyed more to the Germans?

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