Alina Lipp Interview – Part 7

Overcoming the crisis by means of self-defence and truth

Alina Lipp: What can I specifically do better at the current time?

Alina Lipp Interview with Valeriy Pyakin (Part 7/8) from July 11, 2022

Alina Lipp Interview with Valeriy Pyakin - Part 7 "Overcoming the crisis by means of self-defence and truth"  by Foundation for Conceptual Technologies

Valeriy Pyakin: You are doing a very important job! How to do it the best way is up to you to decide, but you are doing a very important job nonetheless. Understand that there is not enough truth in the world. There must be truth. The more truth is proliferated, the more the world moves in the right direction: the fewer crises, the less amount of violence. 

The only thing I would say to you is take care of yourself, don’t take risks unnecessarily. It’s not a joke. Oles Buzina wanted really badly to do a good turn for Ukraine, and he went chest forward towards danger. What did his enemies do to him? The truth is terrible for all demons. For this reason, when you are working, think about the fact that… When you save yourself, you are saving a source of truth. So don’t think about yourself in this regard, that you simply hide and that’s it. No, you must think about how to do the right thing in the given situation. Understand, it’s like for a soldier: to die is very easy, but who will do the fighting and protect the Motherland?

You are doing a very important job. Bring the truth, it’s the most important thing. Where there is truth there is victory. There is a saying by Alexandr Nevsky: “God is not in strength, but in truth.” Because people unite around the truth, and the truth empowers, and this power will break any amount of strength. Russia’s history exhibits this very clearly. As soon as Russia stepped away from the truth, it was ruined: whether it was the February Revolution, Times of Trouble, or the year 1991. For what did Glasnost and Perestroika stand for? It was a move away from truth, when white was called black, and black was called white, – and that’s why the country collapsed.

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Ein Gedanke zu “Alina Lipp Interview – Part 7

  1. Roberto

    I have found these Questions and Answers very informative of what is going on in the World as it relates to Russia and the West.

    Alina, you have, by asking these questions opened my eyes !

    You have no idea how your information you put on Telegram, already have influenced people here in South Africa, as we share this information with people „around“ us!

    My Sister lives in Germany and she shares your information with people she works with. So, you can be proud of yourself by what you have already achieved!

    Remember that a small pebble/stone you throw into the „pond“, makes rings on the surface of the water that reaches all sides of the „pond“.

    Please carry on with the good work you are doing!

    Love and greetings here from South Africa.



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