Alina Lipp Interview – Part 8

Image of Germany’s future

Alina Lipp: Do you expect the relations between Germany and Russia to improve?

Alina Lipp Interview with Valeriy Pyakin (Part 8/8) from July 11, 2022

Alina Lipp Interview - Part 8 - In order to change the system, an alternative system of self-governance by the people must be built up.

Valeriy Pyakin: I know for a fact that the relations will endure on an individual level. They will never disappear. It’s impossible to tear them apart. Since it is impossible to tear them apart and assuming that Germany will remain a subject of governance then Russia, without a doubt will have good relations with Germany. In the Russian World everything works out.

Alina Lipp: What would change if right now Scholz’s administration would have left and a new administration willing to cooperate with Russia would appear…

Valeriy Pyakin: Without changing the system of governance in Germany, nothing would change. Schroeder tried to change the system of governance and he was having a good relationship with Putin. What’s the result? The system consumed Schroeder, simply consumed him.

 Alina Lipp: Which means, what must be done?

 Valeriy Pyakin: Schroeder needed to be supported back then. And now we must acknowledge Schroeder’s rightness and take action in that direction.

Alina Lipp: If you are saying that first the system needs to change, what exactly must change about it?

Valeriy Pyakin: In order to change the system, an alternative system of self-governance by the people must be built up. People must not rely on the current system, but should build their own system of survival and self-sufficiency. Government is a system of survival of a people. If they build their own system, then they will suppress the existing system.

As long as the people are relying on the current system, nothing will change. They will remain a resource potential feeding a system that is destroying Germany for the sake of the USA.

Take a look, not only in Germany but more generally in Europe the Politicians in Government are not connected at all with the countries they are handling.

In our ruling class some people, that were put in the governing position back in the 1990s, are ashamed to call themselves Russians, and they have nothing to do with Russia at all. So in Germany, in France, in Italy and everywhere the governing class is not connected in any way with the countries that they are running. Yes, they grew up in the country, yes, they speak their language, but still… Coming back to Scholz, he is ashamed of being German, Macron is ashamed of being French, Draghi is ashamed of being Italian – this is what the system is like. And if this system is not removed, then…

This system took a long time to build up. There is a book by Frances Saunders called “The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters”. Not only it is a good practical work (practical work, based on the knowledge of governance), but also there is a large amount of factual information about the creation of the current group of the European “elite”: the “gardeners” from the United States would have pruned some “sprouts”, and planted some other “sprouts” – that is to say influenced the situation through the arts and culture. The genuine German culture in Eastern Europe has been preserved, the so-called Schiller’s spirit.

Keeping this in mind, everything will be fine in Germany. But it’s important for a country to build its own system, based on its own cultural identity, and not to be held hostage by the outside governance.

 Alina Lipp: If you would like, at the end of our interview you could say a few words to the German people, I will translate it into German.

Valeriy Pyakin: Well, I have practically said everything I wanted to say. I would like to say one thing to the Germans – remain German, preserve your culture. Because otherwise this culture of cosmopolitanism will destroy Germany and the German people. What kind of offspring does the LGBT community have? None. What kind of culture do they transmit? Is that the national culture? No. They form a culture of degradation.

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