Russia’s withdrawal from the ISS project

What does Russia’s withdrawal from the ISS project mean for Europa and US?

„Question-Answer“ from 01.08.2022

Moderator: Good evening, Valeriy Viktorovich.

International Space Station.
 Russia's withdrawal from the ISS project
International Space Station

Valeriy Pyakin: Good evening.

Moderator: Good evening, dear viewers, audio listeners, and guests in the studio. Today is August 1, 2022. As part of the global transformation of the world, related to the special military operation, we have a number of questions that you are asked to comment on. And the first question is related to the statement made by the new head of Roscosmos, Borisov, about withdrawing from the ISS project after 2024. The U.S. has said that this was a surprise and a sad event for them. How would you comment on this?

Valery Pyakin: Indeed, it is a very sad event for them. And, indeed, it is a surprise for them. Russia’s sovereign decision is a disaster for them. You see, we live in a world where we are used to the idea that Russia doesn’t mean anything. No, Russia does a lot of things for the world, and it has 2% of the world economy – this is the real economy, these are real resources that all countries are provided with, these are real jobs and services that Russia does for other countries. And for all that Russia does for other countries, especially for the West, the West generously spits at Russia and beats Russia with a shoe. Well, they have gotten used to the fact that for 30 years Russia has been working for them, that Russia has no sovereign opinion of its own, that Russia does everything.

After all, what is the ISS? The ISS, although it is called the international space station, is essentially a Russian station. A Russian station indeed. And the ISS, this international scam, was started after the Mir station was destroyed. The new Mir station had a huge potential for operation. And the ISS began with the modules that were supposed to dock to the Mir station. But it was these Russian modules prepared for the Mir station that became the basis for the ISS. And things were growing. The only unit that on the International Space Station was not commissioned and was considered still under construction was the Russian unit. Based on this, the Russians were not allowed to lead the space mission. They flew there as plumbers, fitters, whatever, they repaired, they did everything, but they were in a maintenance position. And the gentlemen were in charge. And first of all it was the American gentlemen, they ran and ran everything.

They can’t make a normal toilet, no matter how hard they try. And, basically, the situation with the space toilet, which is described in the series „The Big Bang Theory“… true, they blame the Russians there, again, that the American space toilet is out of order because of the Russians. But let’s look at the reality. The Americans have space toilets that break down on a regular basis. But where do they save themselves? They come to the toilet exactly in the Russian segment. The American Cygnus spacecraft is on the technological level of the R-7 rocket that Gagarin flew in. This spacecraft we consider to be in an emergency state. And with them it’s just „the crown of creation, the wondrous Diana.”

 And what was the result? When the special military operation was launched, all of the pretty much anti-Russians immediately said: „We are the entire progressive West. And you are some kind of Russian scum. We are not friends with you.” Boom – their toilet broke down. Well, what’s the problem? You have a docked ship you came in on – go to that toilet. Ah, no, it turns out that the ship is technologically in a flawed state, and in order for it to fly it was lightened to the limit – it doesn’t have a toilet.

And let’s remember the hole the American astronaut drilled. She drilled it where? She drilled it precisely in the Soyuz spacecraft. Because it will enter the dense layers of the atmosphere, the segment where she drilled it will burn up, only the descent capsule for the astronauts will remain, and traces of the crime will be hidden. But we have a toilet, she went to the toilet on this ship, we provided it to them – please go. Why this toilet? Well, it’s going to burn up in the atmosphere anyway. And here, to the toilet in the Russian segment of the ISS, you shouldn’t go unnecessarily. We have toilets, and their „genius“ didn’t handle it. And, mind you, who are they blaming? Again, us.

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