Putin’s New Year’s message for 2023

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„Question-Answer“ of 2.01.2023

Presenter: Good evening, Valeriy Viktorovich!

Valeriy Pyakin: Good evening!

Presenter: Good evening, dear viewers, radio listeners, and guests in the studio. Today is January 2, 2023. We celebrated the New Year; 2022 is over, and, of course, everyone is interested in Putin’s New Year’s address to the citizens of Russia, which took place in a somewhat unusual format, as they say, against the backdrop of the heroes of the Special Military Operation. What does this appeal by Putin to the citizens of Russia mean? And why not, as usual, in the Kremlin?

Gosudar President Putin visiting SMO soldiers and officers on New Year's Eve

Valeriy Pyakin: There are actually two points here. If we start with the gosudar’s actual behavior in governing the state, there is in fact some unusual aspect here, but there is also some usual one. As we all recall, in December 2013, while on a business trip to the flood-affected Khabarovsk Kray, Putin congratulated the country and addressed it directly from Khabarovsk. Also present were people and a Christmas tree. But what aspect of this year is unusual? The traditional Christmas tree was completely absent from the frame. Then there was at least some sort of Christmas tree.

That is, if we start with Putin’s behavior, then, in principle, there is nothing unusual. Actually, Putin literally lives at work. In order to resolve the problems of state governance, he is continually on the go and present in various locations. In light of the current situation, which is related to the Special Military Operation, the question arises as to where else he should be.

Remember December 1999? Then, Putin, as the newly appointed acting president of Russia, congratulated the country as usual from the Kremlin. Yeltsin brushed away a tear and added, “I’m exhausted; I’m leaving; and you, Volodya, take care of Russia.” Yes, the congratulations were from the Kremlin, but they had been recorded beforehand. And where did Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, then-acting president of Russia, truly celebrate 2000? He celebrated it while being in Chechnya, where he went to see a military group that had battled against international terrorists there in Chechnya. Amidst the soldiers, he gave it a celebration. There, for the first time, Putin stated the cause for which Russian army soldiers are fighting and dying in the Chechen highlands. He said: “In this war, you are fighting for Russia, defending it from international terrorists, and preventing its disintegration. You are fighting for Russia’s unity and inviolability.” And this served as the first ideological justification for what and why the Russian army is engaged in combat, why a war is progressing, and why Russia is the target of an attack that must be repelled.

So, there is nothing unusual about this. Where the gosudar’s presence is needed, he is there. He gives his New Year’s address from the place where he is actually working.

But the unusual is still present: there was no Christmas tree, and during the New Year’s address, for the first time, people stood behind the gosudar.

The russophobe-propagandists who mocked our army during the Victory Parade broadcast or in previous broadcasts, on the other hand, would not be pro-American lackeys if they did not go even further this time. Why not? Watch how the broadcast director cropped the images of people in the top row. He simply cropped the tops off them. Someone’s head and someone’s face were just cropped. Generally speaking, this is disgusting! It was done by the broadcast director and cameraman. I do not know if the cameraman provided a larger image, though. However, the broadcast director knew well that he was ruining the picture and mocking the army when he released it. This reflects his inner state; it speaks about his soul. He hates Russia. Through the broadcast of the president’s New Year’s address, he demonstrated his hatred for Russia and contempt for the Russian army, which defends Russia’s sovereignty. This broadcast reflected the entire “RussZion elite’s” hatred toward Russia, the Russian people, and the Russian army.

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