Russia’s UN Membership Is Beyond Question

Russia Initiated the UN after Defeating Nazi Germany in 1945 and Still Holds Responsibility for Global Development

„Question-Answer“ of 02.01.2023

Presenter: Next question. Valeriy Viktorovich, proposals to expel Russia from the UN have recently been heard in the West. What is behind them? Can Russia be expelled from the UN?

First UN Security Council Meeting

Valeriy Pyakin: Of course not. And that is the reason so-called “patriots” of all kinds started to shout: “Why do we need this UN? We need to get out of the U.N.” Whimsically, they just echo the idea of the West.

The UN is a platform that allows Russia to deliver information modules to those countries that are absolutely unfriendly to Russia and cannot be contacted through other channels. Thus, the UN serves as a platform to influence these countries’ positions.

What is spreading information? It’s a part of the governance process. Any disseminated information had been designed for some purpose. What impact must Russia’s withdrawal from the UN produce? Evidently, it must deprive Russia of the historically established international playground for spreading information and the opportunity to consolidate all states under our principles. Leaving this ground to the enemy means passing it to the USA as their exclusive governance tool.

The international community has arrived at the point where Scholz may claim that Russia attacked Germany during World War II. This perverted statement is being used to spread circumstantial accusations against Russia for an alleged invasion of Ukraine. Scholz’s information target is to present Nazi Germany as a victor over German fascism, and similarly, call Russia an “aggressor” and Germany “a victor over Russia again.” What a juggling of facts! Imagine what might happen if speakers like Scholtz could disseminate their ideas using the international playground of the UN scale, created thanks to the Red Army victory with the USSR’s active participation.

They are in need of anti-Russian consolidation as time is running out for them. That is why the West undertook emergency informational consolidation against Russia through Zelensky’s visit to the US Congress. Even the adoption of the US domestic budget is only possible through other countries’ uniting against Russia—so that the US could keep on robbing them.

The moment chosen by the West for Russia’s expulsion from the UN is not accidental. We do need to keep this platform, even though it is not always properly used due to the presence of traitors in our state bodies and institutions. Remember one of them, a frightened Russia’s deputy representative to the UN, reading out patriotic state notes in a shy voice, showing by all his looks that he was doing it against his will?

Suddenly, this so-called “patriot,” whose surname is Polyanskiy, has become the frontman of our “patriots.” Why? Because traitors have received an order from their notorious master to stage a coup d’état, to dismiss Lavrov and put their cadre there instead. What is wrong with Lavrov for them? They remember that in 2011, when Medvedev allowed the country to be destroyed in favor of the United States and was prepared to support an attack on Libya (which Putin called “a crusade of the West against Libya”), it was Lavrov who opposed Medvedev’s pro-West position of attacking Libya. Medvedev acted only once in Russia’s interests, and that was when he stood by Putin—but he did it just because he knew that without Putin, he would become useless for the master, being a mere glove puppet. Medvedev is only needed when there is some kind of consensus among clan groupings and the latter need someone to move in a certain direction. So, they appointed Medvedev to act as an “anti-Putin banner.”

Being short on time and resources, the West decided to play this “expel from the UN” card. They decided to give it a try, accepting a random outcome. As their initiative failed, they recurred to Russia’s domestic “patriasts.” But they failed again because the information field had changed, contrary to their expectations. This powerful governance tool does not work so smoothly for them anymore. Thus, the UN can still be used for information governance around the world. But it cannot be used to its full potential, as our apparatus is poor—well, not poorer than our entire state administration.

Staying on at the UN became our interim victory.

So far, we have been able to keep the international ground that we have created for carrying out OUR governance policy. This organization is not on the same level as PACE or OSCE, which have completely lost their independence and turned into a cover for the Western secret services. It has nothing to do with the NATO mission, where we were never allowed to say a word and eventually were chased out. We must not surrender the UN as the platform of global governance to our enemies.

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3 Gedanken zu “Russia’s UN Membership Is Beyond Question

  1. Drusius

    Die UNO wurde nach dem 2.WK gegründet, wobei Deutschland als Feindstaat definiert wurde. Es scheint damit das 2. Reich von den Alliierten auf deutschem Territorium weitergeführt zu werden, womit der permanente Kriegszustand im Rechtesystem gerechtfertigt wird. Interessant ist die Frage, wozu und wer das braucht!


    1. FCT Team

      Unfortunately, it looks like the Global Predictor has plans for territories of Germany and France to become a core of the future European Islamic Caliphate. The US country „elite“ are executing this plan with pleasure – furthermore, they are trying to squeeze the most out of Germany to their own benefit during this process.
      Just in case you haven’t seen – on our German channel we have a good video for the people of Germany and Japan on how they could help regain sovereignty for their countries:
      Deutsche und japanische Souveränität im Vergleich zu Russland
      I’m sure you can find more useful information in other videos there.


      1. Drusius

        Der Abriß Europas und die Beseitigung der weißen Rasse scheint auf der Speisekarte des GP zu stehen. außerdem die Umwandlung der Länder und Völker.
        Dabei schützen die Länder mit Pentagrammen auf Panzern und Flugzeugen das Pentagramm, wie die roter Schild Zentalbanken die City of London schützen.
        Es wird uns eine globale Spaltung aufgeführt, was aus meiner Sicht, eher eine arbeitsteilige Vernichtung Europas zum Ziel hat. Mit der „Energiekrise“ werden alle Produkte Europas verteuert und im Verhältnis zu anderen Ländern unrentabel. Das ist in dieser Systematik nur durch eine langfristige Steuerung mit Eskalationsmanagement möglich. Ying- und Yang-Steuerung auf allen Ebenen ist sichtbar, die Spaltung der Glaubensrichtungen in Ideologien der Spaltung und Beherrschung, setzte sich von nationalem oder Glauben bzw. Bewußtsein heute in eine Spaltung im globalen Bewußtsein fort, mit den dazu passenden globalen Ideologien.
        Es muß schwierig sein, wenn der GP Richtlinienvollmacht hat, die Ideologien an den lokalen Prädiktor weiterzugeben, wenn der lokale Prädiktor weiß, welche Rolle ihm zugestanden wird.


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