Who Is to Blame for Weapon Supplies to the Ukraine?

The Russian “Elites” Are Responsible for the Supply of Weapons from All Over the Globe

„Question-Answer“ of 09.01.2023

Nabiullina, Kudrin, Siluanov, 
The Ukraine does not have enough weapons right now. They are scraping some of them from all over the world—even from Uganda

Valeriy Pyakin: Look at “our” so-called “elite” and what they do. The Ukraine does not have enough weapons right now. They are scraping some of them from all over the world—even from Uganda. From there, they have already brought not only Soviet supplies but even the tanks and all kinds of military equipment that had been supplied to Uganda by recent Russian contracts. Aircraft are also collected from all over the world. Countries ranging from Romania to Poland are essentially becoming Ukraine’s close allies; they install new production plants on their territories and transform their entire economies to meet the needs of Ukraine’s military and combat operations. We haven’t been able to disorganize the rear of Ukraine yet, but Romania and Poland are already launching military production, using their economic potential. Rzeszów is working like a shuttle train, with planes landing there every other minute.

But how do we work with our potential partners, or, as I would rather call them, “situational partners”? Let’s take Turkey as an example. Turkey’s economic situation is completely disastrous; it’s a catastrophe. However, Turkey is one of the most important suppliers of weapons to Ukraine. Moreover, it supplies weapons there at a reduced price, with delivery of some of them even being free. And that is in a situation of economic disaster. Why can Turkey afford to do this? It’s very simple. All of these Turkish arms shipments to Ukraine are paid for by the Russian economy.

Let me be specific. Turkey’s entire food industry depends on grain supplies from Russia or Ukraine—from Ukraine to a lesser extent, mostly from Russia. They process grain into flour, pasta, confectionery products, etc., and deliver this produce to other countries. This is a very important segment of the Turkish economy. However, it turns out that grain is supplied from Russia to Turkey free of charge through various roundabout maneuvers. It must be clear to everyone that, in order to make Erdogan comply with Russia’s interests, it would be enough to start taking advantage of any of his weak points, whether they are tomatoes, grain, or anything else. Anything, and he will comply with Russia’s interests so that not a single screw, let alone a weapon, will get into Ukraine. But the fact that Erdogan is supplying weapons results from pressure on him on the part of the “RussZion elite,” the bootlickers of the American master. It’s them who take advantage of both tomatoes and grain weak points to make Erdogan deliver weapons to Ukraine: “Either you supply it for us to be able to please our American master, who beckoned us and asked us to do that; or you won’t have a tomato market in Russia, so you won’t have a food industry as well, because we’ll cut off the grain supplies, and you’ll collapse instantly.” That’s why Erdogan succumbs and supplies arms—because this is the demand of the “RussZion elite.”

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