The Munich Collusion 2023

What has been the real, not declarative, purpose of the Munich Security Conference since its foundation?

„Question-Answer“ of 20.02.2023

Presenter: Good afternoon, Valeriy Viktorovich!

Valeriy Pyakin: Good afternoon!

Presenter: Good afternoon, dear viewers, radio listeners, and guests in the studio! Today is February 20, 2023.

Valeriy Viktorovich, people ask you to elaborate on the Munich Security Conference, held on February 17–19. There were more than 40 high-profile politicians, about 90 ministers, and a number of representatives of international organizations and businesses present. German Chancellor Scholz, U.S. Vice President Harris, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, and other Western officials were present. What was going on, as the media refers to it, at “the Munich Collusion 2.0?”

Valeriy Pyakin QA 20.02.2023 on Munich Security Conference

Valeriy Pyakin: “The New Munich Collusion” truly is so. Indeed, this was quite a massive event. Although it just ended, it did not get proper coverage in the media. That is, the events that took place during this conference and the consequences of the decisions made were not highlighted. The so-called political experts and other “analysts” were superficial about this conference. Russia’s non-participation is presented as an act of returning state sovereignty. But to understand this act, we should look into this event in detail.

We are used to Russia regaining sovereignty when we are kicked out of some Western organizations. Our “RussZion elite” always holds tight to Western platforms—the Olympic Games, for example—in serving their masters. We are being kicked out, but they are still crawling on the belly, saying, “Master, forgive us! We hate this Rushka also; we are all yours, Western.” Russia’s participation in the Munich conference could turn out the same way if we did not put it straight: “We are not going to participate.”

Was it ever important for us to participate? The significance of this conference is exaggerated. The West presents it as a limitation on Russia. However, if you look at the history of the Munich conference and Russia’s participation in it, everything is exactly the opposite. The first Munich conference was held in 1963 and was meant to be a think tank for the Western “elite” against the Soviet Union, that is, Russia, aimed at looking for ways of crushing Russia. Given its goal, the participation of the Soviet Union was not expected a priori: “Why would we invite the enemies?” “We are going to destroy them.”

While the Soviet Union existed as a sovereign state, as Great Russia, its participation in the Munich conference was impossible. Participation of the USSR was not expected prior to the state coup as a result of Khrushchev’s Thaw, Brezhnev’s Stagnation, and Gorbachev’s Perestroika—the coup of 1991, the SCSE, and the Belovezhskaya Accords. Imagine if the Soviet General Staff had sent representatives to work on operations against the Red Army with the Wehrmacht General Staff. Absurd? Absurd.

But, right after the collapse of the USSR, the “RussZion elite” hoisted the Vlasov’s tricolor to mark the defeat of a thousand-year-old Bolshevik Russia, according to Yeltsin’s speech in the U.S. Congress in 1991. As a result, all of the “RussZion elites” still cherish the flag given to them by Hitler. But the truth is, in the history of Russia, the tricolor was never the state flag.
What part did the Vlasovites play in this story? The Munich conference succeeded the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht because, as soon as the Soviet Union was defeated and they hoisted a colonial flag—the tricolor given by Hitler—the participation of Russia in it was immediately put on the agenda. Since 1991, Russia has participated in the Munich conference in different ways, but the first official participation with an actual speech was in 1999. From this very moment, Russia’s participation in the conference was like planning for the Soviet Union’s defeat by the Wehrmacht. The Vlasovite government’s “elite” played a crucial role in it. That is, the Vlasovites, who conducted police functions in governing a Russian colony (which now belongs to the West as a resource base), helped to produce ways and methods of executing colonial exploitation of Russia and ways and methods of genocide against the Russian people.

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