Putin’s “Urbi et Orbi” Address for 2023

What was the conceptual essence of the aftermath of Putin’s address to “the city and the world” that made all traitors inside the country shudder?

„Question-Answer“ of 27.02.2023

Presenter: Good afternoon, Valeriy Viktorovich!

Valeriy Viktorovich Pyakin: Good afternoon!

Presenter: Good afternoon, dear viewers, radio listeners, and guests in the studio! Today is February 27, 2023.

Valeriy Viktorovich, people ask you to comment on Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly and to the world (to everyone).

President Putin addressing the Federal Assembly

Valeriy Viktorovich Pyakin: Yes, indeed, this was an address “to the city and the world,” as it is called. The West—the Western media—actively prepared to be able to watch a livestream with Putin. They broadcast Putin throughout the whole world—the Western world. Moreover, the BBC and other powerful radio and television corporations organized livestreams. For example, the Bild, a former Western German and now simply German news media, said: “It is vital for everybody to see what Putin is going to say. Because the future of the whole world depends on it. You will have to work with this, and you will have to take this into account.” But why did they say so?

Putin is the gosudar of Russia. By virtue of its mere presence, Russia exerts a controlling influence over global policies and the course of hostilities, much like a “fleet in being” does without ever leaving port. A “fleet in being” has command of the sea when it is so strong that its adversaries cannot attack it directly. This dominance may extend far into the oceans. Similarly, under Putin’s leadership, Russia is a “fleet” that is actively extending its global policy of taking responsibility for the entire world. For all the efforts made by the United Kingdom, the United States, and China in the conduct of global politics, they do not have the conceptual integrity that Russia has and that Russian Gosudar Putin is pursuing. His speech made that clear.

In this situation, it makes no sense to consider Putin’s various specific statements separately from each other. Various political and pseudo-political scientists and others examined these, so to speak, particular facts, in detail. Taking particular facts and fitting them into the concept without understanding how particular facts fit into one or another conception will be a waste of time. Since we describe the governance processes of global significance regularly, this should not be a problem. By “picturing” these, we in some sense provide a matrix (a mosaic) into which everyone can easily fit these specific facts (the small mosaic pieces).

Some people very much disliked the softness of Putin’s speech; they wanted him to “wave a sword” and shoot from the hip. But the Russian language has a saying to describe someone who seems to be gentle but is in fact forceful and determined, similar to English: “An iron hand in a velvet glove.” Putin’s speech was gentle, yet despite this, the world shuddered, and this shuddering was not accidental. And some are going to feel that iron hand. First, all the Vlasovites inside the country shuddered. I will mention a few examples that, for some reason, have been unfairly neglected by different political and pseudo-political scientists in particular and the top politically active “community” in general. This was not discussed on major political talk shows, although it should have been. And if this was discussed, it was very superficial. Somewhere more correct, somewhere less correct, but nevertheless, it was still superficial. The essence that was most conceptual was not made clear.

Let us consider a part of Putin’s speech about suspending Russia’s participation in the New START Treaty. Putin said, “We are suspending our participation.” But on what conditions did he suspend our participation? What did he say? He said, “The return to the New START Treaty could only be possible based on taking the nuclear potentials of France and Britain into account.” He held them to their word. They like to chat in public without bearing any responsibility for their words. As soon as France and Britain tried to put pressure on us on the New START Treaty, Putin held them to their word straight: “I beg your pardon? You are our enemies, and accordingly, we cannot disregard your [nuclear] potential as you are allies to the United States, and although you have 500 warheads in addition to the 1500 warheads at the United States disposal, this is still a serious addition. This is a serious strain on us. Since you yourself have announced that you act in a consolidated manner with the United States, you are accordingly obliged to participate in this treaty.” Naturally, to accept this condition for the West is to capitulate. In that respect, there is no need to talk about the suspension anymore—the treaty became invalid. Similarly, when the United States withdrew from the INF Treaty [in 2019], there were no legal grounds for Russia to stay in it.

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