NATO’s False-Flag Terrorist Attack in Bryansk Region

Is it not time to recognize NATO countries that supply weapons to the Ukraine as accomplices in and sponsors of terrorism?

„Question-Answer“ of 06.03.2023

Presenter: Good afternoon, Valeriy Viktorovich!

Valeriy Viktorovich Pyakin: Good afternoon!

Presenter: Good afternoon, dear viewers, radio listeners, and guests in the studio! Today is March 6, 2023.

Valeriy Pyakin QA 06.03.2023: Terrorist attack in Bryansk Region

The most resonant event that people ask you to comment on is the terrorist act that happened in the Bryansk Oblast. I will quote the message from the 1TV Russian TV channel website: 

“In the morning of Thursday, March 2, armed to the teeth, a Ukrainian sabotage group opened fire in the border villages of Lyubechane and Sushany in Klimovsky District, Bryansk Oblast. Two men were shot dead in their private cars by them. An 11-year-old boy, Fyodor, whom they wounded in the back, survived and is on the mend. The whole country is proud of his heroism now—a third-grader, bleeding, who did not lose his self-control and did not just escape personally but pulled two girls out of the line of fire.

The same day, Vladimir Putin called it a terrorist act. The Russian MFA paid particular attention to the fact that this crime was committed with the use of NATO weapons and put a legitimate question straight: Is it not time to recognize a number of foreign states as accomplices and sponsors of terrorism?”

Valeriy Viktorovich, there is still no answer to that [from the competent authorities]. Have we swallowed it once again?

Valeriy Pyakin: Yes. But there is more to it than that. It has been said many times that various deliberate claims about different “red lines,” etc. are made explicitly to hold Russia’s backlash, in order to show that you can humiliate or destroy Russia, and it will be silently patient at the time of killing and will not backfire.

Regarding the terrorist act in the Bryansk Oblast, there are a lot of questions. First of all, there has been a massive informational attack that just flooded social media with fakes. The terrorists have been very seriously prepared for this act, and they have carried it out with very serious informational support. There is practically nothing to confirm or debunk. But what is more interesting? The official information also raises certain questions, softly speaking. Therefore, we should wait until the dust settles and true information becomes available.

What have we got so far? There was undoubtedly a terrorist act. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin called attention to it. 

In terms of Bryansk Oblast, what do the different “red lines” have to do with it? There has been serious attention paid to Bryansk recently. Not long ago [on Thursday, February 9], the governor of Bryansk Oblast, Alexander Bogomaz, reported on taking action to protect the borders of the Bryansk Oblast and that no sabotage group would be able to penetrate the border. Moreover, [a week before, on February 2], Andrey Turchak, with whom they inspected the borders together, emphasized: (quote) “Even a mouse won’t slip through now.” (end quote) We cannot suspect the governor of a frontline oblast of lying, can we? But if a mouse slipped through, then there were “gaps”? Certain intelligence agencies always prepare “gaps” to serve their own purposes. If you recall, Stirlitz was asked, “Do you know any “gaps” in the border?

Speaking of the intelligence agencies, directly before the terrorist act in the Bryansk Oblast, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin held a meeting with the Federal Security Service Board, where he put it straight: (quote) “Your mission is to prevent any incursions by sabotage groups into Russia.” (end quote) That was on February 28. A terrorist act occurred on March 2. These are two very interesting events in terms of both receiving wide coverage by the media—for the deaf to hear and the blind to see, so that everyone knows it. And there you are—a terrorist act.

What followed next? We have been told in an official FSB statement [the same day, March 2]: (quote) “The enemy was pushed back to Ukrainian territory and subjected to a massive artillery strike.” (end quote) I have some questions. If they were able to push the terrorists back, why couldn’t they chase them? Oh, I get it, they have not been granted a Ukrainian visa! How could our intelligence agencies’ units, when chasing the terrorists, get into Ukrainian territory without a visa? The terrorists just crossed the border and made faces: “Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!” They claimed to have subjected them to a massive artillery strike, but instead, their noses have grown like Pinocchio’s.

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