SARMAT Missile Test-Launch

Why Russia made test-launch of intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat on 20 April 2022?

„Question-Answer“ from 25.04.2022

Presenter: Let’s move to the next question related to the special operation. “The Ministry of Defence has reported that on April 20 this year, there was a successful launch of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Valeriy Viktotovich, why on that day rather than another?”

Sarmat - intercontinental ballistic missile

Valeriy Pyakin: Many people dismiss our warnings that the world is on the verge of a nuclear war, a full-scale war in which all of humanity will perish: „Why worry? Where are the battles taking place, and where are we? In Ukraine, a special military operation is underway, but all is quiet here. The sun is shining brightly. Why should we be concerned about that?“

But it is not we who are exacerbating the situation. The West is the one that has fundamentally raised the question: Russia is a problem for them, and they must solve it. The West is continually claiming that getting done with Russia is their „final chance“ to „solve the problem.“ Russia must be eradicated entirely, as must Russian culture. They openly admit it.

Why do we keep warning about nuclear war? We are constantly being told: „Who will dare to conduct a nuclear strike against us in this situation, when we have the ability to strike back? Are they insane?“ There are no insane people, obviously. However, it invites the counter-question: what made anyone think that the West has any reason to believe in our determination to launch a strike? The scenario is quite different. The West is steadily increasing the amount of tension, escalating the level of confrontation, and urging: „Try here, try there“ (remember recent Swedish and Finnish NATO entering discussions). As a reaction to our warning, they continue to push. We issue a strike warning, and we mean what we say. But the West dismisses it as bluffing. And, regrettably, the West has every reason to believe that Russia will not respond, that the United States will be able to give such a devastating blow to Russia that it would destroy everyone – both American puppets who were complicit in the nuclear explosion and innocent civilians.

The questions are: Why is the West so confident? What is their confidence’s foundation? Let’s look at the facts: we consider NATO Ukraine arms convoys a legitimate target for us. Two months of nothing but declaring! The vehicles move openly not only to Ukraine, but also through Ukraine’s whole territory to Donbass. Have we ever attempted to stop the trains with a blow? No. Since the beginning of the operation, we’ve been issuing one statement after another. Lavrov  was the first to do it, followed by Ryabkov, and most recently, Koshelev. Was there any action taken? None. We warned: „If strikes on Russian soil continue, we will retaliate with strikes on decision-making centres.“ But, today there was another strike on Russian territory. So what? After shelling our territory, did we strike any decision-making centre? The factory repair shop was, indeed, blown up. Was that a decision-making centre? Are they no longer in the General Staff or the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Defence, or the Ukrainian government? They relocated to repair shops. These shops must have a lot of decision-making power!

The West looked at it: „Oh, well noted! Our confidence men in the headquarters of the Russian Army, the vlasovites, are readily surrendering the country; helicopters are flying freely into Russia to strike; the only thing missing is a red carpet for the helicopters.” How did it become possible? Only in the case if this corridor was open by a general’s decision. By giving such an order, the general proves himself to be a traitor to the state. Normally, such a decision will entail consequences. It suggests that generals taking such decisions are confident that they will not be implicated because the country is about to cease to exist, in their belief.

Having seen this treason, what did Nabiullina do after the operation began? She struck the economy, causing it to collapse, preventing the production of ammunition, shells and other weapons. She raised the key rate to as much as 20% all at once. However, the dramatic effect has been mitigated by “an end run” though. Despite this, Nabiullina was reappointed to her job. This indicates that this part of the pro-American „elite“ has the capacity to make their own decisions.

Russia has decided to sell gas in roubles. “A big deal!” But what is the end result? We are supplying everything to the West for free. They are receiving the resources to fight us. We are providing resources to them! They would collapse if we stopped supplying them, and thus they would accept any conditions not to collapse. They would accept any conditions! They are confident, however, that Russia will continue to supply, even if they are bringing our country to collapse. These supplies continue. If that’s the case, why should the West be concerned about a retaliation strike?

The situation has arrived at the point where the most astute, who realize that the Western governments will not save anyone and that all American puppets will perish in a nuclear attack, are beginning to worry. On April 19, Medvedev burst out. Nothing personal; he is a pure American puppet who despises Russia and believes that he has no reason to live unless he can lick his American master’s shoes. Serving their American master’s whims gives the entire „RusZion” “elite“ a purpose to live. Despite this, Medvedev said something “incredible”: “Russia must be prepared for NATO aggression.’

We can clearly observe the signs of aggression preparation. Why was Poland STUFFED with armaments and equipment? It has reached a saturation point. What are they preparing for? What type of strike are they planning? The Baltics and Romania are also armed to the teeth. Where are they intending to use this weapon? Are they going to defend themselves or to start an offensive? They appear to be preparing to attack Russia.

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4 Gedanken zu “SARMAT Missile Test-Launch

  1. somebody

    „Fighting for live on Earth“
    yes, that’s it! because the devil wants to break the development of humankind towards God (into Paradise, when Earth will be a sun: the new paradise). Stars are paradises, planets‘ surfaces are purgatories, plantes‘ interors are hells (radioactivity, nuclear war!). Our, humankind’s, task is to develop „back“ to paradise. And exactly that’s it, what the devil wants to prevent. He wants that Earth will be a new Mars by bringing us by radioactivity (nuclear war) into hell. (mabe Mars was former Earth-like planet destroyed by atomic war, and the door on Mars is not just around 3 inches high, like falsely pretended by medias, but it is very big, testimony of a big catastrophe with a handful of survivors left hiding strong cosmic radiation).


  2. Drusius

    In der Polarität nährt jede Verstärkung des einen Pols auch die anderen Pol, soweit ich mich erinnern kann. Es wird uns auf allen Seiten großes Theater aufgeführt, um das Theater umzubauen und ein neues Stück zu etablieren. Das kommt mir aus der DDR schon sehr bekannt vor. Es gibt vermutlich auch ein Verfallsdatum. Ich würde einmal tippen: Nächstes Jahr am 9.11. dürfte das neue Stück im Theater anlaufen. In DEUTSCH gib es inzwischen einen Witz: Es gibt einen neuen Film, in der Hauptrolle der ukrainischen Präsident, der Regisseur ist der russische Präsident, das Drehbuch schrieb die CIA und bezahlt haben alles die Deutschen.
    Erst wird Chaos angerichtet und dann gibt es „Ordo ab Chao“. Drohungen auf beiden Seiten des Pols gehören immer dazu.


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