„Washington Post: „This is our war, too!“ Isn’t it?

Is the West at war, not just Ukraine?

„Question-Answer“ of 06.27.2022

Presenter: Next question. The audience asks you to comment on Biden’s statement about war of attrition with Russia. Biden declared: “I think that there is an ongoing endurance competition between Russia and Europe – how much could the Russians bear and what will Europe be ready to withstand”. Besides, there was also a recent headline in the Washington Post – „This is our war.“ How would you comment on this?

Washington Post: "This is our war, too!" Isn’t it?

Valeriy Pyakin: Indeed, the article in Washington Post did come out under the headline „This is our war.“ And indeed its author is Max Booth. He accurately describes that the war Ukraine is waging against Russia is the war the United States are waging against Russia.

Also the Greek Prime Minister, Mitsotakis, is talking about the same thing. He declared that Europe is at war.

Johnson has assured that if Putin achieves his goals in Ukraine, it would be a long-term economic disaster. Johnson was the one to describe it in the most accurate manner, that this war is the war of Westerns against Russia and not just some special military operation.

 Back to Biden. What did he say? „This is a war between Russia and Europe.“ Let’s recall what we were constantly saying for many years: the “country elite” of the United States has only one chance to maintain the position of the world’s hegemon (or to keep the United States in a position of the world’s hegemon). They have to make sure that the military conflict in Donbass and the war in Ukraine spreads across Europe and Russia (by the way we talked about it way earlier than it all started, even before the coup d’état and everything else). If that would happen, we’d observe the beginning of sovereignty parades in Russia (hello, „Ural Party“ of Kuyvashev). Those parties would fight each other and as a consequence a united country won’t exist anymore. Moreover, there will be no country that could carry out foreign relationships.

We have already talked about the leader of Pakistan. He once said: “How could we carry out our politics if we are a poor country fully dependent on the West?” We are talking about a country with nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons have been given to them. Now imagine some dwarf country …

 In our country there are some particularly star-spangled patriots, who are often saying: “These Bulgarian dudes were in a coalition against the Soviet Union, Russia, over two wars, while we were freeing them!” Apologies! Yes, we freed them militarily, but the political decisions went in the opposite direction: they got a king from a German dynasty (a German has been appointed) – and that was it. Well no wonder then on which side Bulgaria would fight if the government has always been completely pro-German.

Let’s look further. We are not talking about people. What could small Bulgaria do? The project of gas pipeline installation in Bulgaria has been shut down as soon as they were told. They have a government (just like in our country) full of traitors. They don’t have any resources, any potential as a country. So how could Bulgaria resist the collective West? Naturally, Bulgaria immediately submitted.

That explains why Biden wanted this to be a war precisely between Europe and Russia. “Let them fight. We will come afterwards and deal with that, as it happened during the First and the Second World Wars (by the way these 2 wars are two phases of one world war of the 20th century. – Note).”

However, the Americans do not understand how those wars were organized, they don’t get that they don’t have any chance to succeed. They do not realize that the planet Earth cannot withstand Pax Americana and that they need to somehow fit into all of this in a different way.

However, what they surely do understand is precisely what Johnson has said: „There will be long-term economic consequences.“ That’s going to be a disaster for the West.

For many years we’ve been told that Russia represents only 2% of the world economy, that Gazprom’s capitalization is lower than Apple’s. “Your Gazprom is nothing! Nowadays it does not mean anything at all. Now everything is digital.” However, the access to Russian gas flow is getting cut off …

Besides, it is a separate topic to which we will certainly come back later. But the question is very serious – why are the European folks enduring economic hardships, facing closed manufactures, while the gas is still supplied to Europe. There is a lot to say about this. Briefly, Europeans are being prepared for the future, and the future is absolutely joyless. As discussed earlier, Europe will be transformed into an Islamic caliphate, the territories will be deindustrialized and inhabited by other populations and new languages will appear.

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5 Gedanken zu “„Washington Post: „This is our war, too!“ Isn’t it?

  1. Drusius

    Was Biden sagt, ist nicht unbedingt neu. Es gibt seit 1914 keinen Friedensvertrag, nur private Handelsverträge zur Plünderung der Völker. Dazu kommt noch, daß die UNO als eine Feindorganisation zu Deutschland existiert. Wobei vermutlich das Reich von Gröfaz gemeint ist (Größter Führer aller Zeiten). Da existiert nach Auffassung einiger ebenfalls nur das Firmenrecht. Dafür spricht in der jetzigen Firma, daß das faschistische Steuerrecht, als Plünderungsmittel, weitergeführt wird. Wenn Trump den Menschen das Land zurückgeben will (Antrittsrede), so ist jetzt die temporäre Person „Biden“ dabei, die Umgestaltungen einzuleiten, die arbeitsteilig und polar zu erledigen sind, um glaubhaft zu bleiben und wenn man ein neues System schaffen will. Dazu tritt man die Mensche weltweit kräftig ins Schienenbein. Ich habe das dieses Jahr in Libanon erlebt. Dort gibt es nur hin und wider Strom, es gibt nur eine bestimmte Menge Geld im Jahr von der Bank und Benzin und Diesel sind kaum zu bekommen. Dieses Konzept wird weltweit durchgesetzt, z.B. auch in Südafrika, wo Abschaltzeiten für Strom eingesetzt werden, um eine kontinuierliche Produktion zu unterbinden. Das entspricht alles der Agenda 2030 der UNO, die weltweit mit dem Malachim-Symbol Corona begonnen wurde. Ich würde mir einmal anschauen, was es bedeutet. Der Punkt 4 des weltweiten Planes beinhaltet übrigens eine Energiekrise und innerhalb dieses Punktes gibt es noch eine Währungsreform. Der Nahrungsmangel wird gerade vorbereitet.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Drusius

    Vielleicht sollte man noch sagen, daß die Gasprom zu zwei Drittel vom Geldverwalter der Erde besessen wird. Die roter Schild-Zentralbank vor dem roten Schwert der City of London, des roten Drachen ist der Besitzer. Der Verwalter, der seinen Namen von Bauer auf Rothschild ändern mußte, darf 2 Prozent davon behalten, kann man hören und lesen.

    Gefällt mir

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