What Happens in the Region of Kharkov?

What is happening near Kharkov?

„Question-Answer“ of 09.12.2022

Presenter: Good evening, Valeriy Viktorovich!

Valeriy Pyakin: Good evening.

 Presenter: Well, let’s move on to the main questions. Most listeners ask you to comment on what is happening now near Kharkov.

Kharkov, Ukraine.
 The Derzhprom
Kharkov, Ukraine.

Valeriy Pyakin: Yes, this is probably the most pressing topic, which has really stressed the whole society; the whole society got alarmed by what had been presented [in mass media] as Russia’s defeat.

In this situation we’ll have to breach our rule to deal only with the issues concerning the rear and never comment on the operating army, considering that it’s up to the military to decide on how to carry out the operation. But the trouble is that our rear turned out to be not reliable for our army, feelings of overwhelming despair arose there, people fell into real panic. Talks got into circulation that if Telegram existed during the time of Kutuzov and Stalin, there would be no victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. And, generally speaking, there is some ground to say so in this situation.

It should be noted that this panicking reaction is a very serious success of the Ukrainian PSYOP. But the Ukrainian PSYOP does not act independently. The Anglo-American governance conglomerate created the Ukrainian version of PSYOP. It hires the Ukrainian personnel, sets the tasks for them and follows their performance in achieving the set tasks. The essence of the Ukrainian PSYOP activity is to serve as a means for executing the external, American supervisor’s will.

 In this regard, note to what degree was retransmitting of the surrender mood by both anti-Russian forces and those calling themselves “patriots” synchronized. It shows vividly that the information campaign was controlled from the outside. That is, many of those who were considered to be patriots proved to be the alarmists. Under Stalin the alarmists were shot.

 One must pay attention to… something to come under close scrutiny of our security services – they must pay attention first and foremost to the information security of our military correspondents. So that their activity of spreading information – which is, undoubtedly, useful for the country and the army – by no way could be abused by the enemy. In other words, it is necessary to carry out meticulous investigation work on who is in contact with our war correspondents; to scan the frame of mind of those who are feeding to our war correspondents information so that it might be twisted then for producing a specific effect. It is necessary to make the work of our correspondents safe in this respect. It is very important.

 This synchronous pattern is put down to the fact that the information campaign was controlled from abroad. Same as Ukraine’s counter-offensive near Kharkov, or rather what they call „kontr-nastup“ in Ukraine. Nothing unforeseen or impossible happened near Kharkov. No such thing.

A certain betrayal at our top commandment cannot be excluded, of course, and it ought not to be overseen. But it should be noted that our military command was ready for this breakthrough at Kharkov and considered it as a possibility.  Various military contingents were rapidly involved and redeployed to specifically designated points, where they did not stay defensive, but started an offensive. It is obvious that a counter-offensive operation is under way to eliminate this advancement and encircle the Ukrainian forces that broke through.

And now it is possible to tell that the American command – it is them who oppose us on the battlefield in Ukraine, not some Ukrainian generals – probably already regret that they first carried out a large-scale offensive in the Kherson direction and then an offensive at Kharkov. It had its logic as it may seem. Their logic is based on the fact that we are catastrophically short of armed forces involved in this special operation – the military contingent there is really restricted. As a result, when carrying out any operation (offensive or defensive) we have to constantly manoeuvre forces and means, constantly shift them from one area to another. And, in principle, many sectors are only partially protected.  Only partially. A complete line of defence requires much more numerous troops. Thus, what were Ukrainian bands under the leadership of American generals to undertake? – First, they launched an offensive on Kherson, and all the reserves available to the Russian grouping were to move there.  These reserves were to get stuck in the battle. And then, near Kharkov, a large-scale offensive was to be launched, demolishing everything.

 But they failed. Their counteroffensive at Kherson has stalled, with the reserves of the Russian detachment having been prepared beforehand. As for the reserves, they were   prepared at other locations as well to be ready for the repulsion of this counter-offensive in Ukraine.

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